Flu policy agreement reached Nov. 30 still stands, despite some employers directives

In spite of an agreement reached between HSA and other health care unions and the Ministry of Health last week, some members continue to get pressure to either produce evidence of vaccination against seasonal influenza, or wear a mask during the flu season, which was declared open December 1.

For members information, at the meeting held between the Ministry of Health, HSA, BCGEU and HEU November 30, the following agreement was reached:

While the policy remains on the books the mandatory provisions of it will not be enforced. This means:

  • Employees cannot be disciplined in any way whatsoever should they choose not to comply with the policy.
  • The terms with which employees need not comply are:
    • For the duration of the flu season, if they have not received a flu vaccination they need not wear a mask, except in the event of a flu outbreak at their worksite;
    • Stickers, badges, buttons, etc. indicating whether or not an employee has received a flu shot may be distributed by employers but employees are under no obligation to wear them;   
    • Employees are not to report to supervisors about co-workers who may not have received a flu vaccination.

Manager and/or supervisors, on a one-time only basis, may provide education encouraging employees to receive a flu shot.

Health Authority influenza control policies which were in place prior to August 2012 are the policies which are applicable at this time. The revised province-wide influenza policy will be under discussion for a one-year period, during which time there will be substantive consultation on the policy.

If you encounter any activity contrary to this agreement, please report it to your steward.

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