The future of HSA: what do you think?

In the next few days, you'll receive an invitation to participate in a process that is crucial to the future success of your union. Are you ready to take part?

As announced earlier this month, HSA has launched an inclusive and comprehensive planning process to create a five-year strategic plan. The plan will be presented to membership at HSA's Annual Convention in May 2015.

The Board of Directors is leading development of our strategic plan, working closely with the senior management team. Throughout the process, you'll have a chance to contribute your thoughts and ideas to help shape the plan. This week you'll be receiving an email that offers the first of several opportunities to provide input: in this case, by participating in an online survey. An email will be distributed on Monday, September 29 providing members with the link to the survey. And if you know a member who hasn't received an email, please have them call or email us to ensure they receive an invitation to participate.

The online survey provides the most in-depth opportunity for member input. It will be available online between Monday, September 29 and Sunday, October 19. The survey consists of less than 20 questions, and will likely take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete.

All results will be downloaded and delivered to our strategic planning consultant, who will analyze and summarize responses in a report for the Board to consider at their December meeting.

If you have any questions about the survey, or the strategic planning process of which it is a part, please contact Miriam Sobrino, Director, Communications .

And thanks for helping shape the future of HSA!