Good news for long-term LTD recipients wishing to return to work

The Report: March / April 1998 vol.18 num.7

The Return to Work fund provides up to $10,000 to successful applicantsfrom the major health care unions, including HSA. The $150,000 fund is open to those onLTD or those waiting for LTD benefits and who wish to return to work but face some kind ofbarrier.

Priority will be given to proposed return to work interventions thathave the potential to reduce workplace injury, and especially where the intervention willassist more than one employee. As an example: a lifting device that would allow anemployee to return to work and which can also be used to help other employees.

Employers are encouraged to match the monies in the fund, a project ofHEABC and HSA, HEU, BCNU, BCGEU and IUOE.

The funding could finance features such as special equipment,counselling or work place modifications.

In many cases it is difficult to identify members waiting for benefitsbecause they are neither at work nor collecting benefits. If you know of anyone who mightbe eligible, please let them know.

Use of the fund is voluntary, and will not affect normal entitlement tobenefits.

Applications are available from the HSA office. Please pick up yourapplication as soon as possible to ensure funding for your proposal.