Governments force growth of private health care, Health Sciences Association president charges

Cindy Stewart, President of the Health Sciences Association, says its no surprise that St. Pauls Hospital in Vancouver is delivering private medical services.

"Its not surprising that after years of governments starving the public health care system ... starting with the federal government ... hospitals are looking for ways to increase revenue to be able to deliver the services the public health care system is mandated to deliver," she said.

The Health Sciences Association of BC represents the health science professionals who conduct CT-scans in hospitals across British Columbia.

"The failure of governments commitment to public health care is creating a health care system that responds to those in our society who have the means to pay for services.

"Today, its St. Pauls Hospital with 60 CT scans that are medically unnecessary, but if governments dont restore funding and a commitment to Medicare, were headed down the road to a time when Canadians are forced to pay for medically necessary tests and procedures ... or go without," Stewart said.

She added Premier Gordon Campbell has shown in his first few months that the new government isnt any better equipped to manage health care than the governments it spent ten years criticizing.

"We have two ministries now ... and neither of them appear to have the mandate nor the ability to protect the public health care system," she said.


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