Have an idea for your union contract? Deadline for bargaining proposals is November 7

All HSA members covered by the HSPBA collective agreement are reminded that the deadline for submission of bargaining proposals is November 7, 2021.
The primary and most important source for bargaining proposals is from HSA members through HSA chapter meetings, where, collectively, members consider and agree on priorities for bargaining to support all members covered by the collective agreement. The best way to have a say in your contract is by getting active in the process to set bargaining priorities.
Union stewards have been coordinating local HSA meetings at worksites around the province for the past several weeks. Please check your email for information about your local union meeting to vote on bargaining proposals.
If you do not have HSA stewards at your worksite and would like to hold a meeting of HSA members to vote on bargaining proposals, please contact the union at @email and we will work to support you to hold a meeting.
All proposals submitted by members through local chapter meetings will be forwarded to a Bargaining Proposal Conference November 22 and 23. The conference will include more than 80 members who were elected earlier this fall to represent the interests of HSA members from around the province and set priorities for contract negotiations in 2022.
A bargaining proposal does not have to be complicated or worded in legal language. A good bargaining proposal suggests a principle or practice that addresses an issue. For example: 

  • Issue:   Because casual employees don’t have access to paid sick time, they may come to work sick because they need the income.
  • Proposal: Bring in paid sick time for casual employees.

If you are interested in serving as a member representative on the bargaining committee which will represent members in negotiations, you are invited to submit a statement of interest of up to 300 words to @email. The deadline for submissions is November 15. HSA members at the November Bargaining Proposal Conference will elect the bargaining committee on November 23. 
Watch this short video about how members are involved in setting priorities for contract negotiations.
The current HSPBA collective agreement expires March 31, 2022.

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