Health Information Management Lower Mainland Consolidation: HSA encourages HIM members to fill out transfer package forms by July 13

As you are aware, HSA has been working to minimize the impact of the employers consolidation plan for health information management services in the Lower Mainland. Here are answers to frequently-asked questions.

Q:   I received my -transfer package" July 4, 2011. What happens if I dont fill out the forms in this package?

HSA strongly encourages members to fill out the employers transfer package forms as outlined in the covering letter to the package: by July 13, 2011. There may be no options for continued employment if you remain with the sending health authority.

If you are unsure, please contact the employers representatives:

• For benefits, Helen Law  604.675.2530 x21905 or @email
• Danielle Mitchell  604.675.2530 x21942 or @email

Or you can email general questions to the employer at @email

Q:   What is this -blackout" period that HSA & Providence have agreed to?

The -blackout" transfer period ensures that all health information management employment records are correctly reconciled upon transfer to Providence Health Care (PHC). All postings and employment changes ... including new hires ... are suspended effective June 27, 2011 until August 5, 2011, when the employer transfers HIM to Providence Health Care.

During this transfer period, there will be no employment changes. No changes will take place to wages and benefits.

Q:   The -transfer package" includes a form on criminal records checks. I just had this done a few months ago. Do I have to have it done again?

No, but you do have to fill out the form. The form in the -transfer package" gives the employer permission to conduct a criminal records check when your current one expires, in five years.

If you believe the criminal records check does not apply to you, please discuss this with your director. If not resolved, please contact the union.  

Q:   When does the actual transfer to Providence occur? What happens after that?

The transfer of all health information management staff to Providence occurs August 5, 2011. The employers intent is to have everyone transferred seamlessly by that date ... including transfer of employment records, and creation of a dovetailed seniority list.

Q:   Is there a labour adjustment agreement?

HSA and Providence Health Care do not have a labour adjustment agreement due to outstanding issues about which we are seeking third party resolution. These outstanding issues are going to mediation/arbitration the week of July 18th with arbitrator Vince Ready, and we will keep you up to date on any developments. HSA and PHC may mutually agree to extend the blackout period to await the arbitrators decision.

If you have further questions please contact:

Dani Demetlika @email  - or -  Derek Wong @email

For more information on Lower Mainland health service consolidations, see

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