Health science professional unions to table monetary proposal Monday

As the second week of bargaining for a new collective agreement for British Columbias 13,000 health science professionals concluded Friday, Chief Negotiator Ron Ohmart said talks are progressing steadily.

-Weve had good discussion in a number of areas. The two sides are working productively towards achieving resolution on a number of issues," he said.

The most notable highlights of the week of talks include discussion centered on benefit plans and classifications issues.

Wednesday, the employers made a detailed presentation on the rising costs of benefit plans. The Health Benefit Trust representative gave a thorough presentation and discussion about flexible or ‘cafeteria-style health and welfare benefit plans.

Thursday, HEABC presented a new perspective on its long-standing position on the classification system, and acknowledged the value of the system in career laddering opportunities and recruitment and retention challenges.

In a significant step forward on this issue, the parties have agreed to form a joint committee to work on updating the classification system to better reflect the issues and situations in the workplace. In addition, the parties agreed to review and amend the laboratory additional procedures memorandum first negotiated in 1990.

Monday, the union association is scheduled to table the unions opening monetary package aimed at addressing wage disparities within the bargaining unit and with health science professionals across the country.

HSA is the lead union in the PPBA, representing more than 90 per cent of health science professionals in B.C. The bargaining association also includes the B.C. Government and Service Employees Union, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Professional Employees Association, and Hospital Employees Union.

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