Health science professionals welcome talks on Supreme Court decision

The Health Sciences Association (HSA) welcomes todays announcement that the government will enter into discussions about the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision that strikes down controversial provisions in Bill 29, the legislation that restricted health care workers bargaining rights.

-The highest court in Canada gave the government a year to address the ruling. HSA sees todays appointment of associate deputy minister Paul Straszak to steer those talks as a positive sign that government is prepared to enter into a constructive process to respect the ruling," said HSA President Reid Johnson.

-I look forward to entering into a constructive discussion on behalf of HSA members to address the delivery of quality health care and social services in a respectful and cooperative labour relations climate," Johnson said.

Bill 29 served to take key negotiated provisions out of health and community social services agreements, eliminating job security and allowing mass layoffs and contracting out.

Health Sciences Association of B.C. represents 15,000 health science professionals working in health care and community social services across British Columbia.

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