How to apply for new MRI Technologist Bursary Program

The BC government’s Ministry of Health has introduced a new program that will help MRI technologist students graduate earlier and enter the workforce sooner, an initiative that will help tackle serious shortages in one of the key health science professions.

The initiative takes the form of a bursary program for the British Columbia Institute of Technology MRI Advanced Certificate program, and will work to help eligible BCIT students complete their studies and clinical term without the financial burdens of an unpaid leave of absence. The bursary will also cover course and certification exam fees.

HSA welcomes the addition of this new bursary, and this bulletin clarifies whether HSA members should seek funding from BCIT or the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association (HSPBA) Professional Development Fund in order to support the completion of MRI technologist training.

The Ministry MRITechnologist Bursary program will be available to all BCIT students who meet the application criteria through the academic term ending in December 2024, or until Ministry funding runs out (which ever comes first).

If you already have funding from under the 2021 HSPBA Fund for the same period/courses as covered by the BCIT bursary (MIMG 7230, 7240, 8200), please contact Sheila Vataiki (

MRI Technologist Bursary Program eligibility 
Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for funding:

  • Current student enrolled and in good standing in the BCIT MRI Tech program;
  • Current BC health authority employee with an average of 0.5 FTE hours or greater over the past six months;
  • Having completed a minimum of the first four theory courses of the BCIT program (with either two, one, or only the clinical component remaining);
  • Willing, able, and employer approved to take a leave of absence (stipend provided to cover a portion of lost wages) from their current health authority position in order to complete the program – a timeframe of one or two academic terms, based on courses remaining;
  • Willing and able to take a clinical placement at one of three health authority MRI placement sites (three preferred sites identified by the applicant).  Full details are available here

If you have questions and for an application form for September intake, please contact Ray Lee, Program Head, at

HSPBA Professional Development Fund eligibility

  • For education/training commenced between April 1, 2021 and August 31, 2022
  • Applications accepted up until August 31, 2022
  • The applicant must be an HSA member covered by the HSPBA/HEABC Provincial Agreement.
  • The application must pertain to education/training commenced between April 1, 2021 and
    August 31, 2022.
  • The application must serve the purpose of at least one of the following three categories:
    i) On-going required professional development
    ii) training and upgrading skills for members working in a profession experiencing shortage
    iii) training and upgrading skills for members working in a profession in rural or remote
  • The education/training must pertain to professional development in a health science
    professional discipline being practiced in the public health care system, which includes MRI.
  • Eligible expenses for reimbursement include tuition fees, registration fees, cost of required
    books/materials, and other reasonable education-related expenses and may also include the
    reasonable costs of travel and accommodation, if the applicant must travel or temporarily
    relocate to attend education/training or related clinical placement. A maximum of $2,500 of the
    $10,000 cap can be used for travel.

For full information, eligibility, and application procedures, please see the HSA website

Summary of MRI Technologist Bursary program and HSPBA fund eligibility:

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