HSA Begins Discussions with Employer on Deconsolidation of Diagnostic Imaging

On June 22, HSA and union members working in medical imaging received abrupt notice that Vancouver Costal Health Authority (VCHA) would begin reversing 13 years of consolidating operations of diagnostic imaging services within the four different health authorities in the Lower Mainland.

The lack of employer consultation leading up to this decision has made the situation more difficult, but HSA is working hard to ensure members are supported during this transition.

On July 13, HSA senior staff met with employer representatives from Health Employer’s Association of BC (HEABC) and the health authorities to advance discussions to transition medical imaging staff to the employer of the hospital in which they work. 

HSA has been assured that the deconsolidation plan will not result in any job loss or reduction of diagnostic imaging services to patients.   

Protecting members through this process is a top priority for the union.  Our objective is to ensure member’s rights are upheld and the transfer of employment is seamless for our members.

What’s next?

For the next few months, the union, the employers and HEABC will develop a labour adjustment plan under Section 54 of the BC Labour Code.

HSA will continue to keep members apprised of developments as we learn more details, and once a labour adjustment plan is in place, meetings will be held to ensure members are informed. Please connect with your local stewards if you have immediate questions or concerns.  

What is Section 54?

Under Section 54 of BC's labour statutes, the employer is obligated to inform the union of any intention to introduce changes affecting a significant number of employees.

Specifically: “If an employer introduces or intends to introduce a measure, policy, practice or change that affects the terms, conditions or security of employment of a significant number of employees to whom a collective agreement applies [...] the employer must give notice to the trade union that is party to the collective agreement at least 60 days before the date on which the measure, policy, practice or change is to be effected."

Can HSA stop the deconsolidation?

 No, neither the union or the members have control over decisions that lie solely with the employers and the Ministry of Health.  The four Health Authorities in consultation with the Ministry of Health made that decision. 

Why didn’t the union tell us this was going to happen?

The union was not involved in the decision. The union received the Section 54 notice on the same day that the members were advised by VCHA.

Why didn’t this transfer get addressed in bargaining?

Bargaining happens between the Health Science Professional Bargaining Association and the Health Employers Association to negotiate the terms and conditions of the collective agreement. The transfer of members’ employment from one employer to another is not related to bargaining. Members who move from VCHA to another health authority will still be covered by the same collective agreement.

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