HSA Blacks Out to Speak Out June 4

Monday June 4, Health Sciences Association of BC is participating in Black Out, Speak Out by blacking out our websites.

We are joining Canada's major environmental organizations, and leading charities, unions, bloggers, and others in darkening our website in defence of two core Canadian values: nature and democracy.

By doing so, we are joining thousands of Canadians from all walks of life who are speaking out to oppose Bill C-38, the Federal Omnibus Budget Bill. The bill has been roundly criticized from across the political spectrum for being an undemocratic way to make so many large changes.

The environmental changes are particularly undemocratic and worrisome given the extent to which the government is going to please powerful oil interests. Like other organizations participating in Black Out, Speak Out, the HSA and our national union, NUPGE, fear that this is just another step in a wider federal government crackdown on dissenting voices.

For example, the budget bill also suddenly and unexpectedly will delete a backlog of immigration applications from people who have waited to come to Canada for years.

A Private Member's Bill that has Cabinet support is making its way through the House that would require unions to publicly list all recipients of contracts above $5,000.

In the face of such actions, we think silence is not an option for any organization that believes in democratic debate.

To learn more about Black Out, Speak Out, visit the campaign website.