HSA encourages members to get flu shot

Union encourages flu shots
HSA encourages health professionals to get immunized against seasonal influenza.

Keep your immunization record current and your employee health file up to date by receiving a flu shot at an employer-run clinic.

Together with hand washing and safe coughing protocols (eg coughing into sleeve), follow regular safety protocols to avoid seasonal flu.

Employer can require flu shots; workers can decline
While health authorities and health care unions encourage flu shots as a sound preventative health measure, your employer must have a legitimate medical reason for requiring immunization.

Some HSA members may have medical, religious, or other personal reasons for not getting a flu shot. In these cases, employers often attempt to find alternate work if possible. However, health care workers who refuse the vaccination can be sent home without pay in the event that the Public Health Officer declares a flu outbreak at your facility.

Do you have questions regarding this issue? contact:

Marty Lovick, HSA Occupational Health and Safety Officer
604.439.0994 or 1.800.663.2017

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