HSA encourages members to vote YES to scrap the HST

In keeping with a resolution passed by delegates at HSAs 2010 convention, HSA is encouraging members to vote -Yes" to extinguish the Harmonized Sales Tax in the current BC-wide referendum. 

The 2010 resolution directed HSA to take the following actions to oppose the HST:

• inform HSA members about the potentially negative impact of the HST;
• support community groups lobbying against the HST;
• work through the BC Federation of Labour (BCFL) to demand that the provincial government not institute the HST; and
• lobby the government through the BCFL to better compensate low income individuals and families if the HST is passed.

HSA has launched a page on its website to provide members with information about the negative impacts of the HST at http://www.hsabc.org/content.php?id=360 .

HSA is also supporting the BC Federation of Labours campaign to -Scrap the HST", and encourages members to check out the campaign website at http://www.hstinbcfacts.ca/ .

Voting packages to cast your vote in the HST referendum should reach most members by the end of June.  Ballots must be returned by July 22.

Additional information about the referendum process is available from Elections BC at http://www.elections.bc.ca/index.php/referenda-recall-initiative/hst-2011/ .