HSA International Women's Day Workshop

 HSA International Women's Day Workshop

Each year the HSA Women’s Committee works to ensure members have an opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day by offering a workshop to explore issues of interest to women in the union.

This year, members are encouraged to apply for a one-day workshop March 8, 2019, which will focus on mentorship.

Mentoring has been a key part of the success of the labour movement.  Mentoring has typically been done informally, sometimes without the mentor or the mentee realizing that they have begun this important relationship.  At this workshop led by Barbara Byrd, participants will examine formal and informal mentoring relationships, what the mentor and mentee can bring to the relationship, and why it has made unions stronger. Participants will also explore what mentoring currently looks like within HSA structure and explore how the union can support mentoring on a go-forward basis. 
The workshop will also include a panel discussion with Val Avery, HSA President; Irene Lazinger, former President of the BC Federation of Labour; Edith MacHattie, Co-Chair of the BC Health Coalition; and Caitlyn Davidson-King, Chair of the BC Federation of Labour Young Workers Committee, who will be discussing their roles as mentors and mentees.

Barbara Byrd is the Secretary-Treasurer of the Oregon AFL-CIO, and coordinates policy and educational activities in the arenas of workforce training and green jobs/climate change.  In 2016, Barbara helped form Oregon Women Labor Leaders (OWLL), a support group for women union activists and leaders. 
A 35 year-teacher in the field of labor education and is an emerita faculty member of the Labor Education and Research Center (LERC) at the University of Oregon.  She has helped coordinate the Western Region’s Summer Institute for Union Women when it has been held in Oregon, and she has taught leadership skills workshops at SIUW for many years. 
Barbara has a Master’s Degree in Labor Studies and a Ph.D. in Adult Education.  She is a member of United Academics of the University of Oregon/AFT-AAUP, Local 3209.
Workshop participants have the opportunity to attend the Vancouver and District Labour Council IWD Dinner Friday evening, a not-to-be missed evening of speakers and entertainment.  Those who RSVP to to dinner (when applying online through the event registration), will be included in this event.
Participants will receive wage replacement, accommodations (shared) and travel expenses in accordance with HSA policy.
Registration is through My Events Registration and you will need your HSA member ID number in order to create a login. Please call the HSA office at 604.517.0994 or 1.800.663.2017 to receive your HSA member ID number. Once you have created a login the event will be listed under Other Events.
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