HSA Launches Anti-Raid Task Force

Over the past 5 years, the BCNU leadership has taken an aggressive and adversarial approach that undermines the autonomy and professional integrity of HSA members in their workplaces and in their union. These actions have resulted in the expulsion of BCNU from the BC Federation of Labour, Canadian Labour Congress and other progressive bodies across Canada.
The ongoing raids have strained union resources and have undermined the collaborative approach that all other unions in the health sector enjoy. HSA is committed to finding a collaborative and respectful solution.
At the recent HSA convention members shared their experiences about how the raiding actions of the BCNU leadership have put workers and patients at risk and created difficult work environments between nurses and other health professionals who are members of the modern health team.
On May 6, 2016, delegates overwhelming supported a resolution calling for the creation of an interdisciplinary task force to protect all HSA members and disciplines from hostile raids.
Today we are launching the HSA anti-raid task force and are inviting steward and HSA member involvement. Get involved in the task force to defend your Union and your profession.
The HSA will also be holding two days of member engager training on June 27 & 28 at the HSA office in New Westminster. An application form for this Union-paid training will be circulated to all members. Additional training is planned for September.
To get involved in the anti-raid task force please fill out the online interest form. For more information please contact Jonny Sopotiuk, HSA Communications and Organizing Officer at or by phone at 778-866-0542.