HSA launches campaign against domestic violence

Take Action Against Domestic Violence

Over a recent 5 year period, an estimated 183,000 British Columbians were victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence impacts victims and their families and has a serious effect on those who witness it. Health care costs related to domestic violence in Canada are estimated to be in the billions of dollars. Social and emotional costs are significant.

Domestic violence occurs in all cultures and communities and is considered to be a major contributor to increased absenteeism, sick leave and lost productivity at work.

HSA is conducting a membership wide campaign to shine a spotlight on the issue of domestic violence. Because it is also a workplace safety issue, there is a responsibility for managers and workers to respond to domestic violence situations.

In the coming days, all HSA Chief Stewards will be receiving campaign resource kits in the mail.

Chief Stewards: please distribute these kits through your steward networks to each of your sites. Further distribution instructions will be included in the mailed out packages. (read more here)

If you don’t receive the material or if you require additional copies, it is available here:

Domestic Violence - Resource List
Domestic Violence - Risk Assessment Tool
Domestic Violence - Ten Step Policy
Domestic Violence - Wallet Card
Domestic Violence - Factsheet - Employers' Legal
Domestic Violence - Factsheet - Positive Workplace
Domestic Violence - Factsheet - What is Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence - Factsheet - Why Employers Should Care
Domestic Violence - Poster

Can work be safe when home isn’t? A national survey.                 

Your participation in a confidential on-line survey will assist us in bargaining and lobbying for safer homes and workplaces. This research survey, which will be available on-line until June 6, 2014, is a partnership of the Canadian Labour Congress and research experts at the University of Western Ontario. It is the first-ever Canadian national survey on this issue. (read more)

Fill out the 10-30 minute, anonymous research survey at:

Anyone 15 years or older, whether or not they’ve experienced violence, can participate.                   
For more information: @email