HSA launches new ad on shortages

Members have told HSA that workload issues caused by shortages of key health science professionals have reached critical levels.

In a series of surveys conducted over the summer, members from across BC and a range of professions expressed concern that workload was making it difficult to deliver quality care, and leaving patients waiting too long for important procedures.

To address these concerns, HSA has launched a new province-wide ad aimed at raising public awareness of how shortages of health science professionals is impacting wait times and health care.

New HSA ad on shortages

"Shortages are affecting many of our professions," said HSA President Val Avery. "More than we could possibly show in a 30 second ad. We're focussing on the three most critical professions in shortage, but the ad is part of our wider efforts to work with the government on reducing shortages -- and wait times -- in a range of other professions.

"But the work doesn't stop there," Avery added. "Over the next few weeks, HSA will be asking members to start tracking their workload concerns as part of a co-ordinated effort to identify how shortages are impacting patient care and where action needs to be taken."