HSA members to develop bargaining proposals for community health contract


Preparations for bargaining for a new Health Services and Support Community Collective Agreement will begin this month.

All chapters where HSA members are covered by this collective agreement will hold meetings before November 4, 2005 to set priorities for bargaining in 2006. Please contact your chief steward for information about your chapters bargaining proposal meeting.

HSAs Board of Directors is also seeking expressions of interest from HSA members covered by the collective agreement to participate in a members focus group to finalize HSAs bargaining priorities.

The mandate of the focus group will be to consider all bargaining proposals submitted by chapters throughout the province. One member of the focus group will also be elected to participate as a member of the HSA bargaining team at the bargaining table in 2006. Through the efforts of the focus group, HSA will develop the priorities for bargaining to be advanced for consideration by the Community Bargaining Association (CBA), which is comprised of several unions representing about 15,000 workers.

If you are member covered by the CBA collective agreement and are interested in being a focus group participant, please contact your chief steward.

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