HSA to modernize HSA steward titles

As the union of specialized professionals delivering modern health care and community services, it’s time to modernize some of the language we use.
HSA is dedicated to meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, the importance of which is reinforced by ongoing revelations of institutional abuse through the Canadian residential school system. That means seeking to use respectful and inclusive language wherever possible.
The term “chief” no longer fits this bill. That’s why HSA’s bargaining committee is working to eliminate the use of it in the collective agreement now being negotiated, and starting now, we’re dropping its use in steward titles. “Chief” Stewards, will henceforth be known as “Lead” Stewards.
These changes will be made to the HSA database effective July 14, and over time will be phased in across digital materials and printed materials as soon as manageable.
This will take some time, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

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