HSA offers scholarships for Summer Institute for Union Women

-Putting Women in Their Place ... in our Unions, in Politics and in our Communities"

July 13 ... 17, 2011 - University of Victoria

The BC Summer Institute for Union Women (SIUW) offers an intensive week of learning within a supportive environment in which union women can develop their skills as workers, activists and leaders.  Sponsored by the British Columbia Federation of Labour, the Institute will be held at the University of Victoria (UVIC).
Our theme, Putting Women in Their Places:  in our Unions, in Politics and in our Communities, reflects labours commitment to providing women with both the skills and strategies to understand the key issues for labour and how that understanding can help us participate in the upcoming elections, and develop stronger leadership among women within our unions and political institutions.  We need the world to hear more womens voices speaking out on issues that matter to us, issues like universal early learning and childcare, retirement security, the economy, poverty and other important issues
We need to see more women elected at all levels of government, and into union leadership positions, speaking out for our communities at the federal, provincial and local government levels.  Women as elected officials can advocate for better legal protections, program funding and rights, and lead national fights onissues that matter to women at the local, provincial and national levels.  Electing women into office in our unions will bring our particular strengths to the internal processes of our labour movements, and give women a central role in advancing womens issues.
The Getting Equipped courses offer you the opportunity to learn new skills to enable you to take the next steps in the political arena, your union or in your community.
The Taking Action workshops are an opportunity to take an in-depth look at six key issues that matter to working women and are part of labours priorities.

The Institute is designed to allow women a positive learning experience, acquire new skills and provide an opportunity to network in a safe, relaxed atmosphere.
Course instructors are carefully selected from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences.  They are union staff, Officers, rank-and-file members and community activists.
Come and participate in a unique school dedicated to increasing the awareness, skill level and knowledge of our women unionists.

There will be a series of in-depth courses, workshops, solidarity and fun!  (Please see attached information sheet for course descriptions.)

HSA provides scholarships for members interested in participating in the five-day institute.  Scholarships include registration fees, transportation, accommodation, dependent care and wage replacement.  In addition, HSA supports the participation of daughters of HSA members by sponsoring a scholarship to attend the Summer Institute for Union Women.

If you would like more information about the Summer Institute for Union Women, or would like to apply for an HSA scholarship, course information and application forms are available on HSAs website at www.hsabc.org.  If you require more information, please contact Karin Herbert at the HSA office. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Deadline for application is June 8, 2011

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Scholarship Application Form (incl. course info.)

Daughter of Member Application Form (incl. course info.)