HSA psychiatric nurses to be surveyed on priorities for bargaining


HSA is preparing for the next round of contract negotiations between the Nurses' Bargaining Association and the Health Employers Association of B.C. The current provincial collective agreement expires March 31, 2006.

All HSA registered psychiatric nurses will receive a questionnaire in the mail. The survey is designed to identify working conditions and members' bargaining priorities.

HSA's RPN Bargaining Focus Group, elected at HSA's 2005 convention, will summarize and prioritize the feedback from members and develop bargaining proposals for consideration by the Nurses' Bargaining Association.

Members of the focus group are: Larry Bryan, Haro Park Centre; Dave DeBruin, MSA General Hospital; Gwen DeRosa, Kiro Manor, and Margaret Westaway, Eagle Park.

HSA will be represented at the Nurses' Bargaining Association by Audrey MacMillan, HSA Regional Director for Region 7 and RPN at Chilliwack General Hospital, and HSA Membership Services Coordinator Kathy McLennan.