HSA reaches agreement to reduce impact of Fraser Health social worker layoffs

HSA has reached an agreement with Fraser Health Authority for social workers working in acute care facilities, as well as Queens Park Care Centre, who are facing job loss as a result of government-ordered budget cuts.

The measures are expected to reduce the number of involuntary layoffs and displacements, and give affected members options including voluntary reduction of hours, job-sharing, and support for education and relocation.

HSA labour relations staff will hold a series of meetings with members who may be affected by the budget cuts in Fraser Health Authority next week (the week of November 30) to ensure members have all the information they need to assist them in making decisions about their options during this difficult period. Details of the meetings will be available from HSA chief stewards at all Fraser Health Authority facilities, and on the HSA website at

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • Laid off employees will have access to future vacancies on a priority placement basis.
  • Employees may volunteer to take reductions to avoid the displacement of their colleagues.
  • First-round displaced employees will be given first consideration on priority placement for current posted vacancies throughout Fraser Health Authority and will be canvassed to describe the options available to avoid lay-off.
  • Employees who are given notice of layoff on the basis that their positions have been reduced to part-time will be given the option of accepting the reduced position instead of being displaced. If they choose not to accept the reduced position, other full time social workers at their facility will be given the opportunity to accept the reduction to part time.
  • Education funding to a maximum of $4,500 will be available from FHA to employees facing layoff who choose to pursue career development in the health sector. HSA will also provide education funding for eligible members from the Bill 29 settlement education fund.
  • Relocation costs to a maximum of $3,000 will be available for employees facing layoff who secure employment at another Health Authority or public agency.
  • All employees, including those with less than 10 years of service, will have access to severance pay.
  • Reduction of part-time employees hours of one day or less will be done by seniority.
  • Part-time employees targeted for reduction of one day or less per week may choose lay-off, without bumping rights.

For detailed information about the settlement and how it affects you, please attend the meetings or contact your chief steward next week.

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