HSA regions amended

As provided under the HSA constitution, the unions Board of Directors has approved changes to the ten regions. The new regions composition reflects changes in the governance of health care regions while continuing to provide for numerical balance among the HSA regions.

The changes in regions were reviewed by delegates to the union's fall regional meetings, and feedback to the Board of Directors was positive.

Board of Directors
A number of worksites have shifted regions, and your worksite may now be in a different region. As a result, you may have a different Regional Director representing you on HSA's Board of Directors.

To find out who your representative on the Board of Directors is, you may visit the 'About Us' page on the HSA website at About Us - Worksites.

HSA regions by worksite

In addition, a spreadsheet detailing the changes is available here:

Member-at-Large Representation
In order to ensure representation that reflected the changes, election of members-at-large for a two-year term for Regions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 was deferred to regional meetings to be held during the April 2007 HSA Annual Convention.

Because of the reconfiguration of Region 6, the worksite where the members-at-large work has moved to Region 5. However these members will continue in the position of member-at-large until the April 2007 convention.

Mid-term election for members-at-large for Region 6 will also be held at the April 2007 convention, to fill the positions until the end of the current two-year term, which will expire at the April 2008 convention.

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