HSA to represent 226 Cardiology Technologists

The BC Labour Relations Board has ruled that Cardiology Technologists, including Electrodiagnostic Technologists are appropriately represented by HSA.

The Board found that HSA, HEU and HEABC did not oppose that Cardiology Technologists should be transferred from the facilities sub-sector bargaining unit to the paramedical professional bargaining unit.

On the issue of representation, the LRB based its decision on a previous ruling that declared HSA as the appropriate bargaining agent for Biomedical Engineering Technologists. HEU has applied for a judicial review of the BMET decision and sought to have a decision on the Cardiology Technologists deferred until after their application for a judicial review is complete. The LRB denied their request.

There are 226 Cardiology Technologists and Electrodiagnostic Technologists working in BC hospitals. HSA holds the paramedical professional certification at all sites where Cardiology Technologists work.

Cardiology Technologists operate electrocardiogram and other electronic equipment to record cardiac activity of patients to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.