HSA Scholarships for 2015


HSA provides members and their children with several scholarships and bursaries for education. Scholarships are adjudicated by the union's education commiittee. Applications for 2016 will be accepted beginning in January 2016. Check for details at http://www.hsabc.org/member-benefits/scholarships-and-bursaries

Shaelin Bishop, child of Maria Bishop, RPN, Lions Gate Hospital
Robyn Boudreau, child of Jody Boudreau, physiotherapist, Shuswap Health Services
Nicole Bourne, child of Kellie Bourne, laboratory technologist, Surrey Memorial Hospital
Isaac Dellabough, child of Leanne Dellabough, occupational therapist, Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health
Alexander Diaz, child of Paula Diaz, pharmacist, Kelowna General Hospital
Natalie Dillon, child of Theresa Dillon, dietitian, Chilliwack General Hospital
Lauren Dobischok, child of Kim Dobischok, respiratory therapist, Vancouver General Hospital
Cody Kirbyson, child of Tammy Kirbyson, laboratory technologist, Royal Inland Hospital
Benjamin Klammer, child of Gordon Klammer, pharmacist, Abbotsford Regional Hospital
Mia Langford, child of Delores Langford, physiotherapist, Lions Gate Hospital
First runner up: Alexander Frison, child of Kelly Frison, respiratory therapist, and Jeffrey Frison, physiotherapist, Royal Inland Hospital
Second runner up: Manpreet Deol, child of Kanwal Deol, laboratory technologist, Vancouver General Hospital

Zachary Astle, child of Dawna Westman, laboratory technologist, Whistler Health Care Centre
Melissa Baker, dietitian, Royal Columbian Hospital
Tennah Bieberdorft, child of Doris Bieberdorft, occupational therapist, Victoria Arthritis Centre
Alexander Cheung, child of Kane Tse, research assistant, Vancouver Cancer Centre
Catherine Dewaal, pharmacist, Royal Columbian Hospital
Rachel Gardner-Zimmer, child of Anne Valerie Sales, Royal Inland Hospital
James Hackney, child of Kary Hackney, social worker, St. Paul's Hospital
Chantelle Halvorson, child of Christine Ambrose, supported child development consultant, Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health
Heather Hansen, social worker, Royal Columbian Hospital
Bailey Henschke, child of Lorna Henschke, laboratory technologist, Arrow Lakes Hospital
Mandeep Kang, child of Kulwinder Kang, residence worker Sources (Archway)
Megan Koster, child of Deborah Koster, program coordinator, Campbell River Family Services
Maria Murlina, child of Anna Murlina, sonographer, Surrey Memorial Hospital
Gabriela Remes, child of Joana Remes, health records administrator, Royal Columbian Hospital
Danika Riedstra, child of Deanna Decosta, physiotherapist, Vernon Jubilee Hospital
Patrick Sand, child of Letricia Sand, radiation therapist, Vancouver Island Cancer Centre
Lauren Shandley, radiation technologist, Royal Columbian Hospital
Genevieve Tellier, child of Vikki Tellier, physiotherapist, Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
Sydney Torok, child of Sherrie Torok, dietitian, and Frank Torok, biomedical engineering technologist, Chilliwack General Hospital
Kelsey Watson, child of Karen Watson, health records administrator, Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
First runner up: Elnaz Boloogh, cardiac ultrasound technologist, Lions Gate Hospital
Second runner up: Isla Wrightson, child of Wendy Wrightson, health records administrator, Vancouver General Hospital
Third runner up: Chris McBeth, child of Kathy Burton, occupationa therapist, Centre for Child Development

Nadia Galvan Hernandez, behaviour interventionist, Starbright Children's Development Centre
Mandeep Kalra, respiratory therapist, Surrey Memorial Hospital
Mimi Lam, laboratory technologist, Royal Jubilee Hospital
Geraldine Pearson, physiotherapist, Delta Hospital
First runner up: Dawn Bergen, laboratory technologist, Royal Inland Hospital

Tammy Elizabeth Davidson
Leah Brianna Haldane Robinson
First runner up: Kerri Low