HSA support to attend -The politics of womens lives"

The October 18, 1929 decision in the -Persons Case" held that Canadian women were -persons" under the law, and thus could be appointed to the Senate and established more generally that Canadian women had the same rights as Canadian men with respect to positions of political power.

To mark the 80th anniversary of the Persons decision, the Canadian Women Voters Congress is holding a half-day workshop including speakers, discussion and reflection related to the politics of womens lives.

Event information:

Date:  Saturday, October 17, 2009 
Time:  8:00 am ... 1:00 pm 
Location: Hycroft Manor, 1489 McRae Avenue, Vancouver

Speakers include Maureen F. Fitzgerald, PhD, mediator, author and lawyer, who will speak on -The Truly Amazing (Invisible) Woman: Recognizing and Promoting Womens Strengths", followed by an exclusive panel presentation with Penny Priddy, the only woman in Canadian history to be elected to school board, city council, provincial legislature and the House of Commons.


Registration and payment must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 14, but space is limited, so register early by phone:  604-731-4661 or by e-mail at

HSA will provide Political Action Fund support for members to attend this event, including travel, accommodation, wage replacement and expenses (including registration fee).

For more information about the Canadian Women Voters Congress and -The politics of womens lives" event, see their website at:   For more information about HSA support to attend this event, contact Carol Riviere at the HSA office.

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