With BC entering the third state of provincial emergency of 2021, HSA is offering financial assistance to members who are being displaced from their homes due to overland flooding in Abbotsford, Merritt and Princeton. 
HSA members in these areas and in need of immediate assistance can qualify for $500 in emergency funding by completing the following declaration form. Funds will be paid out to affected members as soon as possible, in recognition of the extreme difficulties facing individuals under evacuation orders or having lost a home. Fill out the direct deposit form below to expedite this process:

Impacted HSA members are also urged to make use of BC Government’s Disaster Financial Assistance, which provides 80% reimbursement up to $300,000 for overland flooding starting November 14, 2021. A $1,000 deductible must be paid, and the link is as follows:

In addition to providing direct support to affected members, HSA is contributing to overall flood relief measures with a $25,000 donation to the United Way’s BC Flood Response fund.
HSA members who want to lend support to the disaster relief are encouraged to help out by making donations to local relief efforts, or through provincial agencies including:

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