HSA, Vancouver Coastal discussions underway for single seniority list


The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association have begun discussions aimed at achieving a single seniority list for all employees in the health authority, which would come into effect in early 2006.

-For the past several rounds of bargaining with HEABC, HSA has advocated a seniority list that allows HSA members increased opportunities for jobs with their employer ... not just their particular worksite. We were very pleased when Vancouver Coastal approached us with this proposal," said Ron Ohmart, HSAs Executive Director ... Labour Relations.

-Members currently have first priority to job openings only at their own worksite or currently amalgamated worksites. Under the proposed agreement, all members would have equal access to all the postings health authority-wide from Richmond to Powell River." Ohmart explained.

-HSA has advocated such single-employer seniority lists as the system increases mobility and expands career opportunities for health science professionals," he said.

HSA will hold information meetings for HSA members covered by the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association collective agreement to review the proposed terms. The main features of the proposal are:

  • equal access to regular and temporary positions ... regardless of worksite
  • enabling career laddering, skill development to ‘trial positions in different clinical settings
  • formation of regional services
  • one seniority list per bargaining association

Once an agreement is reached, it is anticipated that it will be early in 2006 before the single seniority list is created as Vancouver Coastal will have to develop an infrastructure to merge existing seniority lists and to facilitate the system.

Please watch the HSA website and your HSA bulletin board for details about the information meetings to be held this month.

The Nurses Bargaining Association has already agreed to terms for the single seniority list, so HSA members covered by that collective agreement need not attend the information meetings. Details on the agreement signed by the Nurses Bargaining Association will be posted on the HSA website and on the HSA bulletin board when the information is available.