HSPBA Ratification: HSA Pushing Employer to Address Delays in Pay Increases

HSA has investigated reports from members that revised wages negotiated under the 2022-2025 collective agreement have not yet been reflected on pay cheques.

We are told that due to delays by HEABC in supplying information to health authorities, health authorities have not been able to update their payroll systems.

We are advised that employers are working to input the new HSPBA wage rates into their payroll systems so that the 2022 wage rates will start being reflected in upcoming employee pay statements. In some cases the wage increases will not be reflected on pay cheques until March 10 or 24th.  Further, HEABC reports that as a result of this delay, retroactive payment will also be delayed, with retroactive payments taking six to eight weeks to process after the adjusted pay rates are implemented – putting those payments into May 2023.

Responsibility for updating payroll systems to reflect the improvements gained in bargaining lies solely with employers.

HSA has expressed the union’s deep dissatisfaction with the employer’s implementation of the negotiated increases, and will continue to advocate for our members

If you do not receive your new wage rate or retroactive payment, please follow up with your employer.

All members are urged to keep track of hours worked in the event you require HSA to take steps to recover any lost earnings.