Imaging deconsolidation now in process: What you need to know

Last year, in June, HSA received notice that Vancouver Coastal Health Authority would begin reversing 13 years of consolidating operations of diagnostic imaging services within the four different health authorities in the Lower Mainland. On January 19, these changes took effect, with most members working in medical imaging transferred from VCHA to Fraser, Providence and Provincial Health Services authorities.

Negotiating a labour adjustment plan that protects member rights has been a top priority for the union over the last six months. Senior labour relations staff have been working with all health authorities to ensure a seamless transfer of employment from VCHA to the other health authorities.
Affected members were provided the option of transferring their employment to the receiving health authorities. Once the decision was made, HSA began work to ensure seniority, benefits and all service-related banks are seamlessly transferred.


  1. Some regional positions will remain in place until March 2025 while VCHA and the other health authorities conduct a needs assessment. Negotiation for those members will take place, if and when needed, within the next year.
  2. Members on leave will remain employees of Vancouver Coastal Health until the conclusion of their leave. This protects members’ access to pay and benefits while on leave and provides for a seamless transfer when returning to work. Members on leave will make their election to transfer at the time they are returning to work. Members on leave who have questions are welcome to consult with HSA representatives at any time. 
  3. Members who have transferred to their new employer are encouraged to check their pay stubs with the receiving health authority to ensure their wage rates and benefit banks are correct. The receiving health authorities will be generating new seniority lists within two pay periods of the transfer. Members are encouraged to ensure their seniority dates are correct. Anyone who believes there is an error with their pay or seniority must raise those concerns with their immediate supervisor.

Members who have questions or concerns related to this transfer are encouraged to reach out to their local stewards and/or contact the HSA office and speak to a labour relations officer.

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