Job postings for new and expanded Abbotsford hospital to start this month; new merged seniority lists to be implemented

In time for the posting of several new positions at the new Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre (ARHCC), set to open in September 2008, HSA and the Fraser Health Authority recently concluded negotiations to amend the Dovetailed Seniority List Agreement (DSLA) in the FHA.  Prior to this agreement, there were two different lists for the FHA, one for Fraser Valley Health Services Delivery Area and one for Simon and South Fraser Health Service Delivery Areas.

The effect of this agreement will be that when vacancies are not filled through the posting process at an employer site and the posting is opened up to employees at other employer sites in the authority, the seniority list pool will be the FHA-wide instead of one or the other of the health service delivery areas within FHA.

This agreement will also mean that in instances of displacement and bumping, employees options will be broadened to the entire FHA.

Although the effective date of this agreement has been set at June 30th, 2007, the parties have agreed to apply the agreement to the posting and selection process relative to the positions posted for the new ARHCC in Abbotsford.

For information on the merged seniority lists, or the posting process for the new positions at ARHCC, contact your HSA steward.

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