Join the Fairness Express!

NUPGE’s “Fairness Express” bus will be touring BC from August 16th to September 21st.  The Fairness Express is part of our National Union’s ongoing campaign to promote income equality, fair taxation, and the value of public services and unions. 

The Fairness Express will stop at community events and busy locations in more than 25 towns around the province, allowing members on the tour to speak with local folks about the importance of making sure everyone in society is getting a fair deal.  To talk about how we can start tackling the problem of income inequality by supporting a tax system where everyone pays their fair share, so that governments have enough money to pay for good public services - like health care and community social services.

Members of HSA’s Political Action Committee are phoning HSA activists to see who’s willing and able to join the Fairness Express when it comes to their community.  Everyone helping with the tour will be given the info they need to participate, but the most important thing is a friendly attitude that invites people to stop by and chat.  There will be lots of people and materials available if someone asks for detailed info.

NUPGE members who have participated in the tour in other parts of Canada have had a great time (check out video of the tour in Atlantic Canada).

If you’d like to join the tour for the whole day when it’s in your community, please send an e-mail to .  If you can’t join us for the entire day, we hope many of you will stop by to say hello when the big green bus comes to your community. 

To find out when the Fairness Express will be in your community, visit HSA’s Facebook page, or the Fairness Express Facebook page.