Labour Day 2022: A Message from HSA President Kane Tse


This Labour Day, I wanted to take a few moments to share with you 3 things I’m thinking about as I reflect on our current moment.

First, that I am so deeply grateful for you, each and every HSA member working as a health science or community social services professional. In what has been the most difficult time in decades, you’ve been brave, you’ve endured, and you’ve risen to every challenge that’s come our way.

Secondly, that despite all the difficulties, hardships, and trauma experienced, we’re united and living our values of solidarity. Every day, I’m humbled by the commitment to our professions, our values and each other. Whether it’s at work or at the bargaining table, we’re working together to solve problems with mutual respect and shared effort.

Third, that we are going to use every ounce of our strength and every tool at our disposal to push employers and government to commit to solving the problems like shortages that have turned from chronic to crisis level. We have serious, expert solutions to fix the problems we see every day, and we need a serious response in return. We need to get started on this today. I know that’s the urgency that we need, and that is the urgency I convey to whoever I’m speaking with.

We all know this fall is going to have some tough times. The problems we face are incredibly difficult and complex so it will take time and focused attention to solve them. But union members before us have faced tough times too, and through dedication and persistence, they succeeded. We’re prepared, we’re united, and I know we’re going to keep going until we win.

Happy Labour Day. Solidarity!

Kane Tse