Labour Relations Board allows appeal to be heard on union membership for BMETs


The Labour Relations Board has granted the Hospital Employees Union leave to appeal the boards decision to allow Biomedical Engineering Technologists to be represented by HSA. Submissions must be received by June 30.

Meanwhile, arbitrator Judi Korbin has been selected to hear arguments August 2 and 3 on appropriate wage rates and other classification issues for the BMETs. At issue are entry-level wage rates, classification of supervisory positions, and opportunities for recognition of work over and above the entry level.

HSA is working to ensure there is a quick resolution to the issues raised as a result of the BMETs recent entry into the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association collective agreement and HSA.

The appeal on union membership will not affect HSAs continued commitment to achieving fair and representative classification for the BMETs under the Paramedical Professional collective agreement.