Let's make our voices heard on Pharmacare

The federal Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare has opened up public consultations on a national Pharmacare plan, with the launch of an online portal. HSA's Political Action Committee would like to invite HSA members to join the conversation by registering for the online discussion and emailng advisory council members at: @email. Fill out the online survey launched by the advisory council. 

HSA has long been a strong voice in the call for accessible, quality public health care. This year, a convention resolution was passed calling on HSA to work with the labour movement and our community allies to urge the federal and provincial governments to establish a “comprehensive and universal national Pharmacare program.” 

Following the launch of the advisory council's public consultations, Burnaby Hospital pharmacist Jing-Yi Ng and social worker Easter Tocol – members of HSA's Constituency Liaison program – participated in a Pharmacare roundtable on July 12 with federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, Vancouver-Kingsway MP Don Davies, and New Westminster-Burnaby MP Peter Julian. Participants discussed strategies for implementing an accessible, publicly-administered national Pharmacare plan.  

Throughout the summer, HSA has collaborated with the Canadian Labour Congress to promote the Plan for Everyone campaign, which brings together health care experts and community advocates to mobilize Canadians in support of a national Pharmacare plan. 

Why we need a universal Pharmacare plan

Access to prescriptions is an essential component of quality health care delivery. Yet 3.5 million people in Canada can't afford medically-neccessary prescription drugs. In fact, Canada is the only developed country whose universal healthcare system excludes prescription drug coverage. 

When resources are pulled to bulk purchase prescriptions through a single-payer system, massive savings are realized. It's estimated that a universal Pharmacare program would save Canadians $4.2 billion every year. 

HSA members know first hand that health care treatment is compromised when patients face financial barriers to accessing prescriptions. As Canada considers adopting a Pharmacare plan, the voices of health care professionals matter. Join fellow HSA members in calling for a universal, accessible, single-payer, and publicly-administered Pharmacare plan because all people across Canada deserve equal access to quality health care. Write to your local Member of Parliament, sign the online petition and fill out the advisory council's online survey before September 28.  

For more information about universal Pharmacare in Canada, read HSA's Pharmacare coverage in The Report magazine:  "A plan for everyone: the case for universal Pharmacare" or visit: www.aplanforeveryone.ca.