Make poverty history!

Participate in the BC Conference
Friday evening, October 28 & Saturday, October 29

In celebration of their twentieth anniversary, CoDevelopment Canada is organizing a two day conference as part of the national Make Poverty History Campaign. The goals of the Canadian campaign are straightforward:

  • More and better aid
  • Trade justice
  • Cancel the debt
  • End child poverty in Canada

The vision behind the conference is to bring together committed citizens to turn this call for policy change into action. The conference will produce concrete policy recommendations to eradicate poverty at home and abroad. Conference participants will include representatives from trade unions, community and student's groups, government, and other individuals working on social justice issues locally and globally.

HSA will be providing financial support to members who are interested in attending this conference, on the recommendation of the Committee for Equality and Social Action.

Funding is available for registration, childcare, transportation, meals, and up to one day's wage loss, associated with attendance at the conference.

Interested members should complete the application form (available for download below) and return it to the HSA Office (Attention: Cathy Magee). Mail, fax or e-mail your registration forms as soon as possible, and by September 30 at the latest. (Education Fax: 604-419-5195 or 1-800663-6119 for out of town.)

For further information about the conference, please contact Pam Bush, Researcher, at the HSA office or check to view the conference agenda.

Deadline for Registration: Tuesday, October 11

Pre-registration form - Make Poverty History Conference