March 31: Rally For Health Care

On March 31st, communities across the country are rallying to call for federal leadership on health care.

Last year, the Federal Government let the Health Accord expire. Without an Accord, there is no agreement between Ottawa and the provinces to ensure equal access, proper funding, and high standards for health care in Canada.

The provinces are asking for a new Accord, but the federal government is refusing to discuss a new deal.

Instead, Ottawa plans to cut $36 billion in health care funding after the next election – including $5 billion from BC’s health care system.  

Without a new Accord, and in the face of deep funding cuts, standards will fall across the country and the provinces will face increased pressure to privatize health services. 

There’s still time to stop the cuts and get a new Health Accord.

2015 is an election year. Right now, the federal parties are writing their election platforms. Politicians need to hear that people want a federal government who will reverse the cuts and sign a new Accord.

On March 31st, we can take action to save health care by attending one of the rallies being held in more than 2 dozen communities around BC.  Please encourage HSA members at your worksite to join you at a rally in your community!
In solidarity,

Val Avery
President, HSA