May 14 provincial election: Vote to protect health and social services


HSA members are urged to vote in the provincial election. The outcome of this election will have a profound effect on the health care and community services our members provide, as well as other public services that our families, friends and communities rely on.

Eligible voters may vote on the general voting day: May 14, 2013.

Right to time off

Section 74 of the Election Act establishes that any employee who is entitled to vote is entitled to have four consecutive hours free from employment during voting hours on General Voting Day for the purpose of voting. Voting hours on General Voting Day are 8 am to 8 pm, Pacific time.

It is an offence for an employer to take any deduction from an employee’s pay, or exact any other penalty, for time off for voting. The employee is entitled to their regular compensation for those hours not worked while voting.

Advance voting

Advance voting is held from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (local time) on the Wednesday (May 8), Thursday (May 9), Friday (May 10) and Saturday (May 11) of the week preceding General Voting Day. Advance voting is available to any voter, and all advance voting places are wheelchair accessible.

Information about the advance voting locations in your area is included on the “Where to Vote" cards mailed to voters by Elections BC. If you don’t receive a card, you can find out where to vote at the Elections BC website at, or by phoning your local Elections BC office.

Additional information about other voting opportunities, voting locations and voter eligibility is available on the Elections BC website at: