Meeting to set contract objectives; this is your chance to have a say

With the Health Services and Support Community contract set to expire March 31, 2012, planning is underway to prepare bargaining priorities to present at the bargaining table.

HSA stewards will be setting chapter meetings to be held by October 6, 2011 to discuss and develop bargaining proposals. All HSA members covered by the Health Services and Support Community collective agreement are urged to attend these chapter meetings. Your negotiating team needs your input.

The deadline for proposals is October 7. A bargaining proposal conference will follow October 17, 2011 at the Hilton Vancouver Airport in Richmond. Your chief steward, or designate, will be your representative to the bargaining proposal conference.

Chief stewards or designates may register online for the conference by first going to the HSA website at and log in, click on Member Services, then Event Registration, and scroll down to -Community Health Services and Support Bargaining Proposal Meeting".

The unions bargaining committee will be elected at the October 17 Bargaining Proposal Conference.

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