A members' guide to the national Pharmacare Survey

The federal government has struck an advisory council to make recommendations on the establishment of a national Pharmacare plan, and they’ve launched an online survey, giving people in Canada the chance to weigh in on what Canadian Pharmacare should look like. As momentum builds for a national Pharmacare program, HSA members face a historic opportunity to advocate for a plan rooted in principles of fairness, accessibility, and universality. 

HSA members care about universal access to prescription drugs. As an HSA pharmacist said recently during a roundtable discussion on Pharmacare, the biggest concern is that once patients are discharged from hospital with a course of treatment, there’s no guarantee they have the ability to carry out the treatment if they don’t have the means to pay for necessary medication.

A 2018 HSA convention resolution directs the union to work with allies to “urge the federal and provincial governments to establish a comprehensive and universal national Pharmacare program.”

The online survey is an excellent opportunity to do just that.

Complete the online survey at by September 28.

For members’ information, we have provided a members' guide on the major issues. It is informed by the evidence-based report “Pharmacare 2020: the future of drug coverage in Canada,” a collaborative report delivered by Canada’s leading health economists who have partnered with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) to advocate for a fair, sustainable, universal Pharmacare program in Canada.

Members are also encouraged to contact their local MLA and MP about the importance creating a universal Pharmacare program, accessible to all.  

For more information about the campaign for a universal Pharmacare plan, please visit