Members vote to accept four-year collective agreement at Paragon Orthotic Lab

HSA members at Paragon Orthotic Lab in Victoria, a manufacturer of custom footwear orthotics, have voted unanimously in favour of accepting a four-year collective agreement.

Highlights of the agreement include wage increases equal to the cost of living, or a minimum of 2 per cent, in the third and fourth years of the agreement, in addition to increased benefit coverage in the third and fourth years of the agreement. The benefit coverage improvements include increases in dental coverage, as well as the introduction of eyeglass coverage for employees’ spouses.

The new Family Day statutory holiday will be added to the list of statutory holidays and will be accounted for in the holiday reimbursement formulary.

HSA Chief Negotiator Josef Rieder thanked members for their support of the efforts of their bargaining team.

“Members have voted in favour of an agreement that reflects the financial times, and some of the challenges facing their employer, and in turn Paragon Orthotic Lab has shown through this fair agreement that they value the work of their employees,” he said.

The collective agreement is in effect May 1, 2013 to April 20, 2017.