Mileage allowances

The Report: November / December 2001 vol.22 num.5


I am aware that in the newly imposed contract, there are some changes to the mileage provisions. I am confused as to who is now eligible for mileage allowances under the paramedical professional provincial contract.

One of the changes affecting members with the new contract will be allowances for mileage. Under article 26.01 of the old paramedical professional contract, employees who were required to use their own vehicles for work were reimbursed for mileage at a rate of 25 cents per kilometre with a minimum of $2.00 for each round trip. However, employees who delivered -community-based services" were reimbursed at the rate of 38 cents per kilometre.

HSA had been in the process of pursuing a grievance around these provisions on behalf of paramedical professionals who, while employed by acute facilities, nevertheless did provide services in the community. Employers had taken the position that these members were entitled to the lesser allowance of 25 cents, as they were not in the -community-based" sector.

Under articles 26 and 28.04 of the new contract, these differences are moot. All employees are now entitled to mileage reimbursement of 42 cents per km as of July 1, 2001. This changes to 43 cents per km on April 1, 2002, and 44 cents per km on April 1, 2003. There is no longer any differentiation between members working at different worksites. All employees under the paramedical collective agreement qualify for these new rates.

Sarah OLeary is legal counsel for HSA. For an overview of other changes to the paramedical professional contract, click here.