National Medicare Week, November 15-20, 2010

This week is National Medicare Week and a time to celebrate a defining feature of Canada.

And this year the timing could not be more critical.

Promoters of for-profit, privatized health care are on the offensive. Key figures in the federal government have made calls to dismantle national Medicare and end federal health transfers to the provinces.

We are increasingly reading false claims in the media that public health care is unsustainable despite overwhelming evidence that it is private care that we cannot afford.

And here in BC the province has begun to charge hospital fees for services previously provided to patients free of charge as required by the Canada Health Act.

The BC Health Coalition has put together a one-stop National Medicare Week Action Centre web page where you can send important messages to elected officials on issues of your choice ... from investing in Home and Community Care to defending Medicare from for-profit investors.

This is a great opportunity to voice your support for Medicare and send a message about the kind of health care system you want!

 Click HERE to take action today!