NBA Bargaining Update: Housekeeping and Non-Monetary Issues

This month, the NBA Bargaining Committee has been back at the table with bargaining representatives from the Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC), exchanging article language proposals on housekeeping and non-monetary issues. In bargaining, “housekeeping” is a term that refers to changes that update the contract without changing it (for example, correcting spelling mistakes, or adding and removing punctuation), while non-monetary issues are those that don’t have an associated cost (for example, strengthening language that doesn’t occur a cost for the employer).

When not presenting proposals to HEABC, members of the NBA bargaining committee meet in smaller groups to carefully review the Employer’s counter proposals. This micro approach is giving the team more time to assess and challenge the intention of changes being proposed. Talks remain focused on housekeeping-type changes before moving into more complex language and monetary proposals to come in the weeks ahead. 

Next Steps

Bargaining dates have been booked through the month of February.

How to Help

Please ask your coworkers if they are receiving HSA emails — if they are not, encourage them to visit the member contact update tool to update their information and make sure they will receive future updates.