NBA Bargaining Update: March 31 Target

As your representatives on the Nurses’ Bargaining Association (NBA) bargaining committee, we are pleased to share the following update regarding current negotiations with the Health Employers Association of BC and government.

The Nurses’ Bargaining Association committee has unanimously agreed to escalate the intensity of our bargaining process. In the weeks ahead, the committee is going to be working harder than ever, putting in longer hours every day and turning up the pressure on the employer at the bargaining table. 

A firm message has been delivered to employer representatives: the NBA bargaining committee will be communicating one of the following two messages to our RPNs by March 31: 

  • We are making very good progress towards reaching a deal that we anticipate asking you to ratify.

- OR -

  • Negotiations have stalled, we are at an impasse and we will be asking you to take a strike vote. 

The committee is focusing its efforts on your top priorities, which have been included in the priorities of the Bargaining Association.  

We will continue to provide updates along the way, but you can expect to know by March 31 which path is being recommended.

No matter which path we take, the key to our success is solidarity. We need everyone to get involved, stay engaged, and be ready for the call to action. Thank you for your continued patience and support.

In Solidarity, 
Nicole McIntosh and Alyson Warner
HSA Representatives on the NBA Bargaining Committee

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