New $10 minimum wage video released on You Tube

I want to share with you our latest effort in the Campaign to increase BC's minimum wage and win a long overdue pay raise for 250,000 low paid workers.

$10 NOW: BC Workers Need a Raise is a short video piece where working people talk about why our minimum wage needs to be increased.

It's just been posted on You Tube, and you can watch it now by clicking on this link:

Please let your friends and family know about the video and share the link with them.

Thanks to the thousands of people who've taken part in our 10 for $10 challenge in October.

We generated more than 10,000 new signatures on our petition in the lead up to the November 1st anniversary of the last time B.C.'s minimum was boosted in 2001.

Now 50,000 British Columbians have signed on to show their support for a $10 minimum wage.

I also want to give you my commitment that the B.C. Federation of Labour Campaign will continue until the minimum wage is increased and tens of thousands of workers are brought up to the poverty line.

Keep up the fight!

B.C. Federation of Labour



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