New $3-million professional development fund to help address health science professions shortages in BC


The Health Sciences Association of BC is pleased to announce a new $3-million professional development fund aimed at supporting members of the health care team to undertake professional development to increase specialization, improve health care service to rural and remote areas of BC, and meet ongoing requirements for professional development. The fund is available to health science professionals who work under the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association collective agreement.

The fund was created through a contribution from the Ministry of Health.

“Continuing professional development is critical to ensuring success in recruiting and retaining the specialized health science professionals who are so important on the modern health care team,” said HSA President Val Avery.

“This infusion of funding is long overdue. For years, government has been warned about and aware of increasing shortages in professions like ultrasound, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and perfusion – to name just a few,” she said.

“I want to thank Health Minister Hon. Adrian Dix for taking concrete action that will pay dividends into the future in the form of improved access to specialized health care services when and where British Columbians need it.

“This commitment to training is an important signal that the new government is wrestling to address a failure to focus on human resources planning for the past two decades, and we look forward to continuing to work with government and health authorities on strategies and actions that improve access to care across the province,” Avery said.

The fund focuses on supporting professional development in three areas:

    • $1 million to encourage HSPBA members to retrain for health science professions experience shortages in BC
    • $1 million to enhance professional development opportunities for health science professionals working in rural or remote areas of BC
    • $1 million to assist health science professionals across the province to meet ongoing requirements for professional development.

All health science professionals covered by the HSPBA collective agreement, which includes members of HSA, BCGEU, CUPE, PEA, and HEU, are eligible to apply for funding.

For details and to apply for funding, visit


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