New disability management program in effect November 1

A new Enhanced Disability Management Program (EDMP) negotiated into the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association and Nurses' Bargaining Association contracts in the last round of bargaining comes into effect today.

The program replaces disability management programs previously run by individual health authorities.

Jointly developed with employers and other unions over several year, EDMP is an employee-centred, proactive, and customized disability management program for employees with occupational and non-occupational illnesses and injuries.

The province-wide program includes HSA union representatives across the province whose role it is to work with and advocate for HSA members who are ill or injured and who are recovering and rehabilitating in order to return to work.

"HSA has selected a number of very skilled members to advocate for and support their peers in this process," said HSA President Val Avery.

"They will help provide early, appropriate and on-going support to maintain employees' connection with the workplace and a return to work in a safe and timely manner," she said.

The program covers HSA members who are directly employed by Health Authorities. Affiliate employers are expected to come on stream with the program some time in 2014.
Employees currently working with an existing disability management program will continue with that program.

For further information, please refer to the HSA website at: