New Tools to Help Nursing Members Get Full Add Pay

Many members covered by the Nurses’ Bargaining Association (NBA) collective agreement who have reached 15-, 20-, 25- and 30-year milestones in their career are now eligible for long-service pay rates (also known as “Add Pay”) based on seniority date (regular employees) or seniority hours (casual employees).

If you are receiving "Add Pay", please double check your pay stub to ensure you are being paid correctly.

Some members may find that the employer is not recognizing the full range of their nursing experience when calculating their Add Pay. Working with the NBA, HSA has developed new forms to help members correct this.

The following nurses can now submit an application form to their employer requesting that their current Add Pay rate be amended to recognize both their experience and their seniority:

  • existing RNs/RPNs who initially joined the NBA as LPNs on or after the first full pay period following May 11, 2016; and,
  • all existing nurses (RNs/RPNs/LPNs) hired under the NBA provincial collective agreement since October 1, 2013, who at the time of their hire did not have existing seniority and were deemed eligible by the employer for recognition of relevant nursing experience under Article 52 or Article 11.04(F)(2)(C). For more information, read HSA’s June 1, 2023 bulletin.

Members who have met the criteria above, but who have not been provided an Add Pay application form by their employer or are unable to access an application form, should reach out to their employer to request an application form. Members who are denied an application form should contact @email.
Members who do not meet the criteria above — such as nurses hired prior to October 1, 2013, from outside of BC who would be deemed eligible by their employer for recognition of relevant nursing experience under Article 52 or Article 11.04(F)(2)(C) if they were hired today — should contact @email to request a Add Pay Application Eligibility form.
Please note that employers will make a decision on each application no later than March 31, 2024. Members whose applications have been denied, or who disagree with the rationale for denial, and who would like to appeal the decision, should contact @email and request an Add Pay Denial Appeals form.