NUPGE submission to Federal Budget 2022 consultation

In its submission to the federal government's consultation around Budget 2022 released this week, NUPGE (National Union of Generaland Public Employees Union) has pointed to the federal government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic as evidence that government has the capacity to improve public services.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government showed that it could act quickly to mobilize the resources, and inject the necessary funds, to address a crisis. If we are going to build back better, that willingness to take decisive action needs to be part of Budget 2022.

Too often in the past, the response of governments to serious problems has been decisive language accompanied by token measures. That approach contributed to the problems we faced during the pandemic, particularly in health care.

After what too many Canadians have gone through during the pandemic, and with the threat posed by climate change, token measures are not enough.

The government response to the pandemic showed that it is possible to address the other pressing crises in Canada—systemic racism, climate change, gender-based violence, precarious work, lack of access to affordable housing, and income and wealth inequality. Budget 2022 should reflect that fact.

See the NUPGE Submission to the Federal Budget 2022 Consultation here.